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Changing the wheels is probably the most common way to customize a vehicle. When it comes to personalizing your vehicle, we offer hundreds of tire and rim choices to help you find the aesthetics you’re after.

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Choosing Your Wheels

When it comes to selecting wheels for your vehicle, it’s crucial to consider your intended use and personal preferences. This will help you choose the right wheel style and construction to meet your needs and expectations. For primarily road use or mild off-roading, you can prioritize finding a wheel style that complements the overall look of your vehicle. There are numerous designs, finishes, and sizes available, allowing you to find something that suits your taste and enhances the aesthetics of your ride.

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If you prioritize both functionality and style, simple steel wheels offer a dependable solution. They are renowned for their durability and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts. While they may not match alloy wheels in terms of visual appeal, their robustness and reliability make them a trusted option. Additionally, it’s crucial to factor in wheel measurements, including diameter, width, offset, and bolt pattern, to ensure a proper fit for your specific vehicle and desired tire size. Lastly, the weight of the wheels is worth considering, as lighter wheels can enhance performance by improving acceleration and braking, while heavier wheels may contribute to durability and stability. Striking the right balance between weight and strength is key to optimizing your off-road experience.

Bead lock Wheels

On the other hand, if you’re looking to maximize traction off-road and have the ability to air down your tires for improved grip, beadlock wheels are worth considering. Beadlock wheels use an outer ring with screws or clamps to hold the tire bead securely, even when running low on air pressure. This prevents the tire from coming off the wheel under extreme conditions.

off-road tires

Off-road tires are specially designed to conquer rugged terrain with ease. They feature robust treads, reinforced sidewalls, and durable materials to withstand the challenges of off-road adventures. Whether you’re tackling rocky trails, muddy paths, or sandy dunes, off-road tires provide the traction and durability needed to navigate challenging landscapes confidently. Their aggressive tread patterns grip the terrain, while the sturdy construction protects against punctures and damage. Off-road tires come in various sizes and types to suit different vehicles and terrains, making them an essential upgrade for any off-road enthusiast looking to enhance their vehicle’s performance and capabilities in the great outdoors.

chosing your tires

Choosing the right tire size is essential for ground clearance, stability, and overall performance. Lifting a vehicle to accommodate larger tires can enhance off-road capability and appearance, but it’s vital to consider suspension and drivetrain limitations for proper fitment and performance. In terms of tire tread, all-terrain options offer a balanced blend of on-road comfort and off-road performance, providing traction in various conditions. In contrast, mud/trail terrain tires are purpose-built for off-road use, featuring aggressive tread patterns for exceptional grip on challenging terrains. These considerations allow off-road enthusiasts to optimize their vehicle’s performance for their specific needs and environments.

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Sticky tires

Sticky tires, often referred to as “stickies,” are specialized off-road tires engineered for unparalleled traction in demanding terrains. These high-performance tires are designed with aggressive tread patterns, deep voids between the lugs, and a softer rubber compound, which grips onto rocks, mud, and rough surfaces with remarkable tenacity. This exceptional grip ensures that off-road vehicles can conquer even the most challenging obstacles, such as steep inclines, jagged boulders, and slippery slopes. While sticky tires excel in extreme off-road conditions, their softer rubber compound can wear out more quickly on regular roads, so they are primarily suited for dedicated off-road rigs or competitive rock crawling. For off-road enthusiasts seeking top-tier traction and the ability to tackle the toughest trails with confidence, sticky tires are the ultimate choice.

Fender Trimming

When it comes to tire sizes, it’s worth noting that sizes up to 43″ are available for most applications. However, it’s important to consider potential modifications to the vehicle, such as fender trimming, axle gearing changes, and upgrades to the braking and suspension systems, to accommodate such large tire sizes.

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Wheel & Tire Accessories

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Big brake system

 Big brakes are tough and can deal with rough off-road environments, like rocks and mud. They work great even if you have big tires and lots of gear on your vehicle, giving you better control on bumpy trails. This makes off-roading safer, especially in remote places. Plus, you can customize these brakes to fit your vehicle, making them a smart choice for off-roaders who want improved safety and performance.”

Valve Stems

Upgrading valve stems is another valuable option for off-road enthusiasts. There are options that have a rapid air down feature and still work with your TPMS. This makes airing down tires for better traction on rough terrain much quicker than other methods. Other options can be installed that offer a larger than standard opening for even faster airing down and back up.

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Air Compressor

An air compressor is a vital tool for off-road enthusiasts, regardless of location. When it’s time to transition back to regular road driving, the air compressor ensures you can reinflate your tires to the optimal pressure for safety and performance. Additionally, adding a system to inflate all the tires simultaneously and to the same pressure can make the task of airing up easier and more convenient. There are lots of companies out there making different setups and we can be sure to find the best fit for your specific needs.

air up system

An air compressor is a vital tool for off-road enthusiasts, regardless of location. It allows you to adjust tire pressure as needed, which is crucial for navigating various terrains. Lowering tire pressure enhances traction on surfaces like sand, mud, and rocks, making it easier to tackle challenging off-road trails. When it’s time to transition back to regular road driving, the air compressor ensures you can reinflate your tires to the optimal pressure for safety and performance. Additionally, this versatile tool can power pneumatic equipment for on-the-spot vehicle repairs and maintenance, making it a valuable asset for any off-roading adventure.

Old Parts

Any parts that are removed from the vehicle will be considered scrap and recycled or sold as determined by American Off-Road Customs unless notified by the vehicle owner at the time of drop off that they would like the old parts returned. We do not store old parts and must be picked up with the completed vehicle.