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What We Do

Leveling Kits

Do you want to level out your vehicle’s stance with a leveling kit? AORC can do that for you! We utilize spacers, lifted struts, or taller springs to achieve a balanced height between the front and rear suspension. Say goodbye to the factory rake, allowing for increased clearance for larger tires without compromising suspension geometry. 

We order all the parts needed! click the link below and fill out our quote form to get started!

leveling kits installed at american off road customs

Bolt-On Suspension Lift Kits

Looking for a lift kit in Las Vegas for your Jeep, Truck, Bronco, or 4X4? AORC has you covered.
Bolt-on lift kits provide versatile options for tire and wheel upgrades without the need for welding, offering an affordable solution with easy installation. Suspension lift kits elevate your vehicle’s entire suspension system, increasing ground clearance and allowing for larger tires. These kits often include taller coil springs and may require control arm modifications to optimize suspension geometry for improved stability and off-road performance. Popular among off-road enthusiasts, suspension lift kits not only enhance vehicle capabilities but also transform its appearance for a rugged, commanding look.

long arm suspension

Looking for a 4×4 shop that specializes in installing a custom long arm suspension in your jeep, truck or bronco? Look no further! AORC has you covered!

Long arm kits are ideal for those aiming for substantial lift heights needed with larger tires and improved off-road performance. Longer control arms optimize suspension geometry by maintaining vertical alignment during extreme suspension articulation, curbing caster and pinion angle fluctuations, and minimizing driveline vibrations. This will result in superior control, especially on uneven terrain and reduce stress on suspension and driveline components.

Carli Suspension

Carli Suspension stands as a revered name in the off-road industry, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch suspension systems and components. What sets Carli Suspension apart is a relentless pursuit of excellence, with each product meticulously engineered for peak performance in the toughest terrains. Their suspension systems offer a perfect blend of comfort, control, and durability, ensuring an unmatched off-road experience. 

Carli Suspension’s dedication to quality extends to their handcrafted craftsmanship, rigorous testing, and innovative design, making them a trusted choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking uncompromising reliability and superior handling for their vehicles. With a rich heritage and a passion for off-roading deeply embedded in their DNA, Carli Suspension remains at the forefront of the industry, setting the gold standard for suspension solutions.

Metalcloak long arm Kit

Metalcloak’s long arm suspension systems are synonymous with innovation and precision in the off-road world. What sets Metalcloak apart is their unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and the delivery of cutting-edge suspension solutions. Metalcloak’s long arm kits provide unrivaled articulation, enabling off-road enthusiasts to conquer challenging terrains with ease. 

Crafted with American-made precision, their systems undergo rigorous testing and feature patented technologies that guarantee durability and performance even in the harshest conditions. With a profound passion for off-roading deeply ingrained in their ethos, Metalcloak continues to lead the industry, setting the gold standard for long arm suspension systems that elevate the off-road experience to new heights.

Custom Suspension

For the ultimate suspension solution, consider our comprehensive suspension conversion services. We provide options ranging from full kits by renowned off-road industry leaders to tailor-made setups that combine the finest components for your specific needs.

Our commitment to excellence means we source full suspension kits from top-tier brands, ensuring quality, durability, and high performance. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a custom-tailored solution, we can expertly mix and match components to craft the ideal setup.

This flexibility allows us to address unique requirements, whether it’s optimizing off-road performance, enhancing on-road comfort, or achieving a perfect balance of both. Our experienced team understands the intricate details of suspension systems and can recommend and assemble the ideal components to achieve your desired ride quality and handling.

With our suspension conversion services, you have the freedom to choose the level of customization that suits your vehicle and driving preferences best. Whether you prefer a trusted full kit or a handcrafted setup, we’re here to deliver the best suspension solution for your off-road adventures.

Coilover conversion

A coilover conversion is a versatile choice for enhancing on and off-road rides, offering benefits over standard coil spring and shock setups. Installation complexity varies depending on vehicle, suspension, and chosen kit. Coilovers merge coil springs and shocks into a single, adjustable unit, granting precise suspension control and customization, including spring rate, damping, and ride height. It’s crucial to consider adjustability needs, vehicle use, and budget when opting for a coilover conversion due to the range of kit options available.

mix & Match suspension upgrades

Same Brand suspension upgrades

Steering upgrades

When lifting a vehicle, steering component upgrades are vital, offering strength and clearance benefits. Upgrading the drag link and tie rod not only adds beef, but also accommodates larger tires and modified suspensions, preventing interference. Enhancing the steering stabilizer absorbs road forces, reducing vibration and bolstering control, crucial with larger tires. Suspension lifts can disrupt steering geometry, but matching the appropriate drag link and tie rod will mitigate issues like bump steer. These aftermarket parts handle increased stress and boost strength. For optimal steering performance, consider a hydraulic assist system, from companies like PSC, which eases off-road navigation, reducing driver effort and enhancing maneuverability, especially when aired down.

Complete Suspension Systems and Lift Kits

When you’re out on the trails, nothing beats a reliable suspension system. Whether you’re cruising in a truck or a Jeep, having a top-notch suspension setup makes all the difference. Even though our vehicles are tough, rough rides can still leave their mark, especially after taking on mud pits and rocky paths.

A Wide Selection of Off-Road Suspension Parts
If you’re particular about choosing the right parts for your vehicle, you’re in luck. At AORC, we’ve established accounts with all major off-road manufacturers, giving us access to a vast selection of parts. We have the knowledge and can also order the specific parts you need for your vehicle. We prioritize helping you find the perfect part quickly, making us your go-to resource for all your off-road needs.

We won’t over sell you
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the endless options, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the best prices on suspension parts, guaranteed. Thanks to our industry connections, we snag unbeatable deals on off-road parts, always passing the savings on to you. And here’s the kicker: we’re so confident in our prices that we’ll match any competitor’s price. So, kick back, and upgrade your ride stress-free!

Finding the Perfect Lift Kit
Kick your truck’s performance up a notch with our top-quality lift kits from leading brands! When ordering your lift kits we make sure they come packed with all the essentials, including leaf springs, sway bar spacers, pitman arms, shocks, and more, tailored to fit your truck’s make and model. Want to handpick your shocks? No problem! Jonathan and Kyle are here to answer any technical questions and ensure you get exactly what you need. Engineered for rock crawling and high clearance, we make sure the 4×4 lift kits we sell, will deliver responsive handling on and off the pavement. Say goodbye to road bumps and hello to quiet, dependable drives on the main roads!

Upgrade Your Off-Road Experience with Our Extensive Selection of Lift Kits

Ready to elevate your off-road game? From 4-inch to 6-inch lift kits, we’ve got your back! With hundreds of suspension systems, lift kits, and shock absorbers, we’ve got options for every truck and Jeep out there. Plus, our 100% price match guarantee ensures you’re getting the best deal possible. Pick up your gear at one of our 84 locations or enjoy hassle-free shipping. And don’t forget about our selection of tops, roll cages, fenders, bumpers, drivetrains, differentials, and tires. Keep your Jeep running smoothly on and off the trails with one of our lift kits.

Why Lift?

Your style is best described as working hard and playing harder. To that end, our Jeep Wrangler lift kits give you the freedom to scrabble bigger rocks and tread deeper water. When parked on city streets, tall Jeeps hold their own against any backdrop. Above all, though, the extra space provides a protective buffer for all of the components within the lower part of your Jeep’s chassis.

Mild to Wild, It’s Your Call.

Kick back and relax while we walk you through our Jeep lift kit options, from mild to wild. Want a smooth ride? We’ve got premium components to make it happen. Need a little extra clearance? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re after higher speeds, better tire clearance, or that monster look, our Jeep Cherokee lift kits are guaranteed to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Get Ready for Your Next Project with AORC: Lift Kits, Expert Advice, and More!

At AORC, we’ve got everything you need to gear up for your next project. Some installs might need tweaks to your steering or brakes, but don’t sweat it—we’ve got customer reviews and expert articles to guide you through. Plus, our customer service team are total Jeep buffs, just like you. Whether you prefer chatting online or calling us up, we’re here to help. And let’s be real, what’s cooler than a lifted Jeep? Our Jeep Cherokee lift kits not only give your ride a mean look, but they also help you tackle tougher terrain and clear those tires. With options from Metalcloak, Teraflex, and more, we’ve got the perfect lift kit for every budget. And thanks to our low price guarantee, you’ll always score the best deal with AORC.