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overlanding at american off road customs

Roof Top Tents

Having a tent mounted on the top of your vehicle allows for setting up camp to be as simple as finding a place to park and opening the tent. There are soft and hard shell tent styles, each offering pros and cons. Soft shell tents are usually less expensive but usually take more time to setup. A hard shell tent can usually open up in under a minute but can be more expensive. We have both options available to be able to get you a solution that fits your desired use and budget.

rooftop tents at american off road customs

Roof Racks & Bed Racks

Roof racks, bed racks and bed covers are vehicle specific and we can help find the right one for your needs. There are a variety of uses for racks and we can get you the right setup for your intended use, whether it for a roof top tent, kayaks, bikes, extra storage, or recovery gear. They also offer a place to mount some extra lights if you want to set your vehicle up to be able to work at night.

overlanding at american off road customs
overlanding at american off road customs


Having some shade is important when setting up a camp spot or even for just a lunch break. You can’t always rely on having a shaded area when you park unless you bring your own. An awning the folds out from your roof rack is convenient way to quickly create a large covered area offering respite from the sun or rain. There are a number of size and shape options so we can be sure to find the right one for your setup.

Cargo Management

With all the gear that comes with overlanding trips, having a storage solution will ensure your gears stays in place while venturing to your destination and also being able to quickly get what you need when you are looking for it. There are lots of different options for storage containers either in the back of your Jeep or Toyota or in the Bed of your truck.

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Powered Coolers

When venturing into the wilderness bringing food and drinks is expected and usually a cooler is part of the deal. Upgrading to a power cooler will enable you to keep your food and drinks cold without having to fill the cooler with ice. The allows for maximum storage use and not worrying about the food getting ruined by sitting in water.

Overland Builds

Our off-road shop specializes in transforming ordinary 4×4 vehicles into fully-equipped overlanding machines. Whether you have a standard Jeep, Bronco or truck, we have the expertise and accessories needed to elevate your vehicle’s capabilities. From installing heavy-duty suspension systems to equipping your vehicle with rooftop tents, off-road tires, and essential camping gear, we take pride in crafting custom solutions tailored to your needs. With our professional touch, you can turn your average 4×4 into an adventure-ready vehicle, prepared to tackle the great outdoors with confidence and style.