4×4 Interior Upgrades

When it comes to the inside of your vehicle, there are probably just as many ways to customize and personalize the interior as you can with the exterior. Rest assured American Off-Road Customs can help get you what you need!

your options are endless

Seats & Covers

There are a lot of different seat and seat cover options out there. We can offer a lot of different options, but our preferred choice is PRP seats. They offer custom seats and seat covers and can be custom designed to match your specific preferences. They also offer 4 and 5 point harnesses to ensure you stay put in your seat.

roll cages assebled and installed at american off road customs

Roll Cages

As you progress in building your rig, at some point you will need to upgrade the factory roll cage. This can be done by adding bolt-on reinforcements, or by replacing the entire cage. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but both will be stronger than the factory cage. We can help you make the right choice for your application and facilitate getting it built and installed for you.

Storage Solutions

One disadvantage of having a Jeep with a soft top, or no top, is the lack of secure storage in the vehicle. The center console and glove box alone are not enough to protect your gear or even a small bag. We work with companies like Diabolical Inc who manufacture secure cargo storage enclosures so your gear can be safe even without a top. We can also offer center console replacements and small under seat boxes as well for certain applications.

carpet installations done at american off road customs

Carpet Solutions

Bed Rug offers complete kits for both Jeeps and truck beds and can really enhance the look and feel of your vehicle. These carpet kits are very durable and can be removed for deep cleaning if desired.


Whether you are looking for communication radios or for upgrading your factory stereo, we can get you setup. We offer the full line of Rugged radios for things like GMRS, UHF, VHF, HAM, and Race radio applications. For your stereo we can offer a full line up of replacement head units with bigger screens from companies like Stinger, JL Audio, Alpine, Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, and more. We can replace you factory speakers and add a subwoofer and amplifiers.

CB radios installed at american off road customs
digital gages installed at american off road customs


If you have performance upgrades, or just want to be able to monitor your vehicles’ engine or transmission, we can add custom gauges or replace some of your factory ones with a better aftermarket setup. This old C10 now has digital gages.

Switch Controller

When you start adding a bunch of accessories to your vehicle finding a place to mount all the switches can become cumbersome. Installing a switch control panel is a great way to clean up the installation and centralize your switches.

switch pod for lights installed at american off road customs