Repair & Maintenance

For 4×4 expertise, skip the dealership and turn to us. Come find out why we are trusted throughout the 4×4 community. With 35+ years of experience, we don’t just upgrade your rig, we can handle diagnostics, repairs, maintenance, alignments, and oil changes. Make us your #1 stop shop.

Engine & Transmission Repair

We have 35+ years experience fixing and repairing all makes and models and started this business because we didnt like how the “steelerships” opperate. You can trust the skilled team at American Off-Road Customs to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

engine and transmission repair done at american off road customs
deisel repair done at american off road customs

Gas & Diesel Repair

Experience the difference of dedicated expertise in gas and diesel trucks at American Off-Road Customs. Let us transform your truck into a high-performance, customized powerhouse that meets your unique demands. Contact us today to discuss how we can elevate experience.

4x4 Alignments

Whether you’re hitting the trails with your 4×4 or cruising the streets in your 2-wheel drive vehicle, our skilled technicians ensure precise alignment for optimal performance and tire longevity. Trust us to fine-tune your vehicle’s alignment, ensuring a smooth ride and peace of mind on any terrain.


All adjustments are done where possible.

recharge or repair your ac at american off road customs

AC recharge & repair

Stay cool and comfortable on the road with our professional AC recharging services.

oil changes

oil changes done at american off road customs

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